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MayneStock Multi-site Stock Management System

Our EPOS solution suite includes a multi-branch stock management system MayneStock. MayneStock is designed to help businesses with multiple branches to manage and monitor branch transactions in a timely manner.

MayneStock helps to manage and report on stock and sales transactions at the branches, between the head office and the branches, and between branches.

Stock prices can be set from the head office and communicated to the branches. Branch staff do not need to be able to amend stock prices.

The system can be configured to report branch stock and sales data in real time or at specified intervals (e.g. every hour, every night etc).

It can also be configured to work within various communications and connectivity options/ constraints e.g. LAN, WAN, broadband, GPRS connectivity, dial-up.

MayneStock provides the business with the following functionality:
Recording of stock purchase receipts from suppliers at the head office
Manage the allocation of stock from the head office stores to each branch store, and the receipt of the stock at the branches
Manage the transfer of stock from one branch to another branch
Manage the returns of stock from the branches to the head office
Provides head office with the details of stock levels held at the branches, thereby helping with over stock management across the organisation
Provides head office with details of branch sales in a timely manner (real time or at specified intervals)
Provides branch staff with the facility to search for stock items held at the other branches, there by allowing them to advise the customer or to initiate inter-branch transfers to fulfil customer orders.
Provides head office with functionality to analyse the sales transaction and stock information received from the branches
Facility to send simple text messages to accompany the allocation of stock from the head office to the branches
Facility to send simple text messages from the stores to the head office as part of their reporting routine
Data can be easily extracted into designated corporate databases for further analysis and reporting
Facility to transfer miscellaneous files between the head office and the branches.

MayneStock can help to reduce the incidence of fraud by providing management with a view of transactions across the organisation, including stock movement and sales, in a timely manner.